Friday, June 1, 2012

Why an academic calendar?

Today was the last official day of school! Woo!!! See, I have been in education for four years, three as a teacher, and never had an actual summer.  It's pretty awesome. I have one more set of exams to grade and a little post-planning then I'm off on a whirlwind of a summer. The whirlwind of a summer is the reason for this blog, but I hope to continue it as a place to post favorite recipes (I love to bake), pictures of fun outfits (I love love to shop), and a place to regale you with my stories of saving money (I love love love to save money). Once school starts back up again, I'm sure this will be my place to procrastinate. I'm a notoriously slow grader. Oh! And why an academic calendar? Well, I don't think of the beginning of a year starting in January like most of the world does, but rather in August. Seriously, I was talking to a friend the other day and referred to how I'm making some changes as I approach the end of the year and he was really confused :) ¡Hasta pronto!


p.s. I teach Spanish so I apologize for the occasional Spanglish.

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