Sunday, June 3, 2012

I like to save my dollars.

A question frequently asked is how can I afford to do so much with a career that is notoriously low-paying. No, I'm not a trust fund baby.  No, I didn't win the lottery. I'm just really cognizant of how I spend my dollars. I'm frugal, but not in a restrictive or simplistic lifestyle kind of way.

Truth be told, last month was the first time I have ever sat down and made a budget for myself. Granted, I'm young, do not have a family to feed, or any debt to speak of, but all of those things do not overshadow the fact that if you're careful of your money, you can live a pretty cushy life and not spend a fortune.  I do coupon, but don't spend more than two hours a week looking for coupons and making my lists. I buy a lot of clothes, but mostly at TJ Maxx, the Outlets, or from the sale section.  I also work my teacher discount anytime I can! Finally, I use things until they are unusable.  There is no need to go buy the latest and greatest just because you can. Full disclosure: Sometimes I ignore this rule...buying the new iPhone because I had a really bad month and really wanted one comes to mind.

Anyway, over the life of this blog I plan to share some of my favorite ways to save money, tips on good deals when I find them, and occasionally funny stories of the free thing I get (and donate) from couponing.  For example: the 8 boxes of laxatives I currently have.

Most of my college friends thought I was crazy when I took my Business degree and decided to become a teacher, and a Catholic school teacher at that.  You might think so too! However, in my four short years out of college I have learned that for me, my paycheck does not reflect my level of happiness or contentment in a job. I love my crazy schedule, the ridiculousness of high schoolers, the never-ending hilarious stories, and the familial atmosphere of my job.  I wouldn't trade it for the other jobs I turned down...well, most days I wouldn't :)


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