Spanny Bingo

I'm not fancy enough to put this in an actual bingo board online so here is the [edited] list. Sorry, creators, some things are just not fit to be shared.

  • see sunrise Dear Friends, I know you meant for me to see this by staying up all night, but how about we count the fact that I got up at 4am to go to Morocco. I saw it as I was driving down the coast of Spain. In my book, this counts. I also did it the other way when I had to stay up all night in the Barcelona airport.
  • eat something I can't identify
Sort of counts. I'll keep trying. 
  • go to Bar Marsala
  • light a candle in at least one church
  • buy one thing I think I "can't afford" I didn't get my tax back :( Soooo, I bought two new pairs of Ray-Bans and a Longchamp bag! Pics coming soon.
  • take a picture of a mullet in public  mullet-in-training and a grown-up version

  • have someone take a picture of me with a stranger in every city I visit
  • ride a bike
  • sleep past noon
  • discover something I didn't know existed so many things!
  • introduce myself to someone in a bar/cafe The most beautiful Spanish man I have ever seen. Get this, his friend used to live in Vero Beach!!! He used to be a pilot who did the flights from Vero to the Bahamas.
  • buy a touristy souvenir
  • listen to at least three audio tour guides  Museo Picasso, Casa Batllo, La Sagrada Familia
Rockin' the tourist look! Yup, I'm in a bathroom.
  • exchange emails with someone I would actually like to email many of the people from TaizĂ©
  • swim in the Mediterranean 
  • learn 5 new French phrases I really only just learned random words, but oh well; la grange = farm, ici = here, carrefour = workshop, vous = you, serviette = napkin, femme = woman
  • learn 10 new Spanish phrases
  • come back with three recommendations La Clandestina (Barcelona), El Setial (Barcelona), Los Italianos (Granada - best ice cream I have ever had in my life!!), El Rinconcillo (Sevilla)
I'll cross them off as I go.  Those of you who wrote this list, I'll send you a little message when yours is complete!

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