Monday, June 4, 2012

Two posts in one day. Oh my!

Today was the first of three workdays in the classroom. I seriously question my judgement when I look at things I have saved "just in case" throughout the year.  Things like:

- a miniature porcelain doll
- broken pencils
- the inside of a crock-pot that I found in the closet

Really?!? When would I need these?

Then there are the things that I rediscovered that I absolutely love:

- the photo album of my first trip to Spain
- all the WSJ articles entitled 36 Hours in ______.
- the mini Mark Twain a student cut out of a magazine and taped to my board before I arrived (I'm from Mark Twain's hometown.)
- oodles of guidebooks

Then my severely underdeveloped attention span took over and instead of working, I started daydreaming about my upcoming European adventure. Which inevitably lead to what I will be wearing each day of said adventure. Naturally, I was then directed to the interwebs for outfit inspiration. Which leads me to ELF.

I regularly read Delighted Momma's posts on all things awesome - beauty tips, recipes, incredible DIY jewlery.  (Lindsay, if you read this, I'm about to go buy polymer clay for my first necklace!)  Lo and behold today she is having a giveaway for the same stinking ELF ballet flats that I thought would be so perfect as my traipsing-around-Spain shoe! Because I clearly need a new pair of traipsing-around-Spain shoes...

And no, that isn't even close to all of them.

Anyway, head on over and enter the giveaway.  I'll only be slightly jealous if you win and I don't.


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