Friday, June 29, 2012

Spanny Legs

I think I've found my sea Spanny legs. All it took was this guy. And the fact that I could finally get money. Yay for money!
I then proceeded to walk around the city all day.   I got lost for a bit and then went on a "free" walking Picasso tour.  After the tour, I explored the harbor area and the beaches.  Point 1 for Barcelona over Madrid - beaches.  Why, Aaron, how ever did you get a picture from so high in the air?

On my walk, I took the cable car to Montjuic! It's a beautiful area I will be exploring more of when I am wearing my tennis shoes.  Up the hill, I was able to cross of my first Spanish bingo item. I did a repeat little later. Then, I found my mom's heaven. Two pools and the beach.

Mom, you are definitely faster than all the people in this pool. 
After I got lost some more in the same neighborhoods, El Born, Barri Gotic, and Barceloneta. (Pardon the mix of Catalan and Castellano.) I had a typical Spanish lunch of a bocadillo in a bag while I walked. Think Subway.

Came home for a brief siesta to get caught up and then I walked even more, did a little shopping and then stopped for tapas. I kind of crossed off another bingo thing with this lovely tapa del día. (I didn't know what it was going to be or what was in it.)
Drink and 3 mini empanadas = approx. 3.67US
Now I am just getting everything ready for a morning of sightseeing and afternoon departure for Taize.  In a bit, I am headed out to meet a friend of a friend for drinks.  Love this country where people meet up at 11pm to start their night.