Thursday, June 28, 2012

"Well, Bessie Bones, nothing is ever easy for you."

Thanks, Mom. (She said this to me after the following ordeal.)

Let me explain. Whenever life is tough for someone, my mother calls said person "Bessie Bones." Today I arrived in Spain and it did not go the way I planned. The flight was fine. I can't really feel my butt and I think one kid burst my eardrum from his yelling, but the movies were great and there was free champagne so I can't complain. Landing in Spain was an entirely different story...

I pick up my luggage to find out that one of the wheels has been damaged. Awesome. So I know have a three-wheeled  43 pound bag and a bum shoulder. I could have handled that. What I couldn't handle was none and I mean none of my credit or debit cards working. And of course this terminal didn't have a a physical money exchange place. Oh yes, and the only way for me to get to where I am staying is by taking the bus. For which I cannot pay. So basically I wander around the airport trying pay phones to call Capital One collect. No está funciona. Eventually after going up and down the stairs with said luggage three times, I burst into tears. I try talking with the bus woman, but an all-nighter plus emotional breakdown meant my Spanish was not working. Next thing I know this man is asking what is wrong and what I need. "I just need to get where I'm stayyyyyinnnnngggg." He proceeds to buy my ticket and wish me a good holiday.

This girl<------------------pathetic.

Then I proceeded to get lost in the middle of Barcelona with the dang bum luggage and shoulder. The streets he told me to take do not in fact exist by those names. Needless to say I was a hot, sweaty mess upon arrival.

You're probably thinking, well silly didn't you call and tell your cards you were traveling. I did!!! Twice! The debit card I didn't and that's totally my fault because I swear last time I didn't have to, but after getting credit card scammed last week, I was super on top of those. UGH!

So I still don't have cash, but I can at least charge things if necessary.  Like at a Super Mercat for a Magnum White and a Coca-Cola Light. I'm calling it lunch and dinner because I just don't have it in me to leave again today.

Wish me better luck tomorrow!


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  1. :( I'm so sorry to hear it, but hey the times that you have the most trouble are always the best stories for when you get back... here's hoping you don't have too many more, and that you enjoy Barcelona once you get a good night's rest! MWAH!!