Wednesday, June 20, 2012

What I Wear Wednesday

Well I failed. I planned on having my little bags mostly packed by today, but alas it did not happen. I have made a packing list and I am being quite ruthless in editing my piles. This week, I have picked up a few key staples.  Some have been to replace old, worn-out items. Others have been on my list of things I need.  I've been buying in multiples recently, so forgive the repetition. I have finally realized that if something fits, looks good on you, and is decently priced - just buy them all! I used to make fun of my mom for this. Like the time she bought 6 pairs of the same Banana Republic corduroys, but now it makes sense.

This skirt is my new absolute favorite. I got it for $9 at Gap Outlet!!! So obviously I bought it in two colors. Would have bought the third, but it was a hard to match yellow/green.

They are super lightweight and go with lots of different tops. The best part is, they look good wrinkled

And they totally work with tights in the winter for Florida!

My closet has also been seriously lacking cute casual tops. And my Target V-neck pocket t's don't count. Even if I do have them in five colors. So below are some of my awesome bargains. The best part is all of the shirts go with both of the skirts. This mean I got six outfits for a grand total of $46.
Paid $12 for from Ann Taylor

Semi-sheer from Ann Taylor $6!

So soft. From Gap with a super long torso for $10.
And for reals, next Wednesday (when I'm on a plane!) I will have my "what I packed for 4 weeks in Europe" post. 



  1. Seeing these, I am now motivated to hit up the outlets this weekend : )

    1. Do it! I was much more successful there than at the Gardens yesterday.