Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Tuesday Things

1. I am beyond blessed and I forget that fact more often than I care to admit.

2. Somehow I managed to edit this closet down to the following 7 (take out the brown sandals) pairs for my trip. In my defense, the black flip-flops don't count since I have to have shower shoes.
Francisco, can you believe it???
3. Emotional eating is at a high right now. I fall prey to this a lot when I'm nervous, stressed, or should otherwise be doing something else. I was really moved by this post from Lindsay.

4. They make gadgets for literally everything. For example, this nifty little thing to weigh your bags without having to hold it on a scale.
Thanks, Corey!
5. Speaking of scales, my bag only weighs 40 pounds! That includes sheets and towels and some clothes I plan on throwing away after Taize. I'm a little bit proud of myself. That means I can bring back 10 pounds of new shoes :)

6. Hopefully I never have to use this. My mom would be so disappointed.
7. Airplane snacks - coconut roasted almonds, chia seed granola, baby carrots, pomegranate craisins, and lots of water.

8. Priorities. Like spending your last afternoon at home not cleaning, but doing other really important stuff. Like catching up on The Real Housewives OC.

9. Dancing nuns are the coolest. Especially when they are rocking out to a Christian rapper.

10.  I leave tomorrow?!?!

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  1. Glad you could use the little scale thing - that's a Pat Collins purchase, lol! :)