Sunday, June 10, 2012


Today I got home from the Bahamas and I really don't have the words to express how awesome it was. It broke my heart to leave. Even though it was a short trip, we filled all 48 hours and I even managed to check off some items on my bucket list.

Forewarning! These pictures will not look like a mission trip. In truth, the actual work will be taking place this week.  I was able to go early to help set up and get a feel for the trip to help with recruiting for next year.  I will be participating full next time.
[In order to maintain some privacy for the people who welcomed us, I did not include pictures of the school or the church.]

A few highlights...

Six of us left early from Florida to fly to Marsh Harbour to get everything ready.
Look! We flew over my house! It's in the horseshoe looking thing.
We stopped to get some supplies and I got some Bahamian change. 1:1 exchange rate, if you're curious.
After unloading at the church where we stay, we headed directly for the beach to take a look. My beach pales in comparison to this one - soft white sand, clear water. Perfection.
Saturday morning, I woke up bright and early and went for a long walk. Some people were fishing. 

Watching them, I was a little jealous...

Until it was our turn to go fishing!

First catch of the day! A very scary Barracuda.
I pondered the income inequality of the world while daydreaming about owning this boat. 
The haul - Yellowtail snapper.
Most of the fishing crew.

A boat named after me! It may not be the Mia Elise (go back a couple of pictures), but I'll take it!

Fishing makes a girl very tired. 

This morning, we woke up and watched the sunrise, but I forget my camera :( Then we did a little exploring before mass. It was a beautiful church up on a hill and we were able to see seven adorable kids receive their First Holy Communion. It was so special. After a quick dip in the ocean, I was on my way back home. This time it was only Alvin, the pilot, Bridget, the friend, and I on the plane. Soooo he let us take turns in the cockpit! I got to "land" the plane.

Almost home!

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