Saturday, June 2, 2012

I can't believe it's June!

It's the first weekend of summer. Wait, what?!? I mean technically I have to go back to school for three more days, but the kids are gone and the grading is just about finished. Where did this school year go?? I just did a little rundown of my summer with a friend and if I thought the last 10 months went by quickly, the next two might not even register. Here's a breakdown of my summer - consider it an outline of the early stages of this blog:

June 6, St. Petersburg, FL
June 8-10, Marsh Harbour, Bahamas
June 11-15, Notre Dame, IN
June 22-24, West Palm Beach, FL
June 27-30, Barcelona, Spain
July 1-9, Taize, France
July 10-13, Barcelona, Spain
July 14-16, Granada, Spain
July 17-20, Sevilla, Spain
July 21-24, TBD, Spain
July 24 - return to the US
early August, good ole IL-MO, USA
August 13 - back to the grind in Florida

You might be thinking, when are going to relax? Why are you going to such a random assortment of places? You're a Catholic school teacher, do you have a trust fund or something? With whom are you traveling? Etc. I'll address all of those things in the next couple of days, but honestly my main concern is...

wait for it...

What am I going to wear and how am I going to fit it all in my free allowance of baggage?!?

Don't worry, I'll fill you in eventually.

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