Tuesday, June 19, 2012

Tuesday Things

1. You know it's windy when you have to pedal downhill. Look at those palms blowing in the wind!

2. Some things from childhood deserve to be carried on into adulthood. For example, jumping in the pool most definitely counts as a shower.

3. I'm starting to get VERY nervous about my trip.

4. I miss living at home and having a giant clothesline. Dryers are the devil.

5. I totally love this sign; I take pictures of it all the time. The lovely Huck family loaned me their fancy camera and this is definitely the best one yet.

6. Credit card scams actually exist! They caught me off guard tonight while I was shopping and let me tell you, the scammers are really freaking good at making you believe they are legitimate.

7. Ryan Reynolds is still beautiful and I may have watched The Proposal 1.5x today. 

8. Nordstrom's anniversary sale is just a month away! Shhh pre-sale starts July 11th and then it for real July 20th. I momentarily panicked thinking I would miss it.

9. Summer is awesome - bike rides, walks, checking out books from the library, Gardens shopping, Chipotle, rom-coms and wine. And deciding to buy the Canon EOS Rebel T2i!
10. SUPER awkward buying wine in Publix at 9:30 at night from a former student! Oh yes, and I was wearing the same outfit he saw me in at the same grocery store two days ago.


  1. Don't get nervous, just think of Ryan Reynolds every time you get a little anxious ;)

    PS I might be drinking white wine, reading about Kate Middleton online and watching rom-coms on netflix right now. If this isn't a steph and mabes moment, I don't know what is.

  2. Don't be nervous! This trip had you written all over it - you will have a blast!