Thursday, August 2, 2012

1/3 Chlorine

I'm pretty sure that a third of my body composition is chlorinated water. My mom is probably more along the lines of half and Briggs is maybe a quarter. Seth - not so much, he could care less about the pool.

A few examples to prove my point: 
1. Upon arrival at our hotel in Kentucky, Briggs and I went to check out the pool.  We walked in and both said at the same time, "I love that smell." Overwhelmingly chlorinated water. Yum.

2. We have been home for three days and this is how many beach towels we have gone through...
13 if you can't count from the picture. Never mind the scorched grass - proof of the extreme drought and heat that has pervaded the Midwest this summer.

Being around the pool gets me so excited (and nervous!) for the upcoming swim season. My first adventure as a head coach should provide some extremely entertaining blog posts!

Now I'm off to, you guessed it, the pool :)


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