Thursday, August 9, 2012

Mom Knows Best

This time it's not my mom, but still a mom who frequently mothers me. One of my dearest friends is also a coworker. We met for lunch yesterday and of course, jumped into all the things we we needed to do before school started. We were both on our way to school to get some work done. The thing is, "work days" don't start until the 13th. Meaning - this is still technically our vacation. Here is where the mom advice comes, "This is still your vacation, enjoy the last few days of it!" I had planned on going in to school today and working the whole day, but goshdarnit I'm not going to do that. I'm going to finish unpacking, watch a little HGTV (since our cable was out the whole time I was in Missouri - grrr), and ummm make to-do lists. Some habits are hard to break. Baby steps, people.

But I'll make my to do lists sitting at my table overlooking this :)

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