Sunday, August 12, 2012

Sharpen your pencils!

I cannot believe it - tomorrow is my first day of school. How is that possible?!? It's like the Olypmic Committee knew that today was my last day of summer and decided to end the games just for me. Good thing the students won't be there for a week as I still have a lot to do before my classroom and I are ready!

I'm actually pretty excited, but worried I have said "yes," to too much this year. Will I be able to give my all to all of these things? I know that everything will eventually get done, but aghhh I'm gunna need a little help and support along the way. Thank goodness I have y'all.

Earth-shattering news: I have not had Diet Coke or any soda in three days. Three days! I treated myself to a Shellac manicure in celebration. My other celebration is supposed to be the performance by the Spice Girls. They better not be the last act.


  1. But hows the "no white flour" going??

    1. Not quite as well as the diet coke thing :)

    2. We need a whole foods. But, the Publix on Miracle mile has a gluten free section.