Sunday, December 1, 2013

Gobble Gobble

Thanksgiving 2013 was a whirlwind trip. I drove to Orlando the Friday before to meet my friend Tara while she was attending a conference and stay with her before flying out the next morning.  (She's the greatest friend a girl could have.)

On Saturday I flew to St. Louis and was picked up by a friend and after we had lunch I met up with my mom and cousin to do some shopping damage.  After a few great days at home catching up on sleep, having mommy days, and generally just relaxing, we road tripped it to Bowling Green.  This was the part I have been looking forward to for weeks even though I was sad to leave my home. Our family isn't big, but we are very close.  My great-aunt and uncle are basically my grandparents. I've talked about them here and they are still just as cute as ever!

The night before Thanksgiving we all just hung out at their house catching up and dreaming of the next day's feast.  On Thanksgiving, my mom and I got up early and went for a 3.5 mile run in frigid temperatures! Food is incredibly motivating for the both of us.
Breakfast of champions - Skinny latte and holiday Flips!
While we all stood standing around about to eat our arms off before lunch at one, the paparazzi wouldn't leave us alone. Sadly all of those pictures are on her (the momma jane's) phone. Here is one of the children of two of the grandchildren. Three on the left belong to Sara Jane. Two on the right belong to David and Ann Wade belongs to Briggs (the older of the two). Confusing? Sorry!
Briggs, Aaron, Seth, Ann Wade + Briggs, Nathan 
Here is the cutest man on the face of the planet. My Uncle Bill is just the sweetest thing.

After a few more pictures and the funniest grace ever, we feasted. So. Much. Food. And the desserts aren't even on the bar!

I have no recollection of my family drinking at family functions. Mainly because we have a few who ruined it for all of us so you can imagine the surprise when my cousin Alice and I stumbled upon this...

Holy liquor cabinet! We were just looking for a corkscrew. We sort of decided that wine needed to happen. Some of that liquor is older than I am!

Anyway, I am so extremely grateful for my family and wish we all lived closer together. I hope you all had a fabulous holiday!

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