Sunday, December 8, 2013


Today's Elf for Health challenge has us listing 20 things for which we are grateful. I must admit that I am not feeling the most thankful or grateful these days and coming up with this list was rather difficult.

1. the #elf4health challenges - they have gotten me to focus on the good, the bad, and the ugly

2. friends - we had our gift exchange last night and I laughed so hard

3. giving gifts - (my love language) I love making and giving gifts to other people

4. glitter - it just makes things happy and is currently all over my floor

5. my students

6. hallmark christmas movies - all day every day :)

7. my best friend - I can call her crying and she's always there to listen

8. family

9. almond milk lattes made at home

10. days where I can sit on my couch and drink #9 in the morning without rushing

11. manicures - I can feel my ugliest, but pretty nails make me feel just a little bit prettier

12. the blogosphere

13. the ability to cook

14. the resources to travel

15. ACE

16. my faith - I may not be the "best" Catholic, but it keeps me going every day

17. new beginnings

18. photography

19. working out - even though I am sorely lacking any sort of motivation currently

20. smiles

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