Monday, July 30, 2012

Family Ties

I do apologize for my absence. The past three days I have been traveling from Florida to Kentucky to Missouri with my mom and brothers.  Three hours into the trip we were rear-ended and spent almost two hours in the parking lot of a Gainesville McDonald's waiting for the rudest cop. We spent the night in Georgia before heading to my great aunt and uncle's house. These two are basically my grandparents and pretty much the cutest little couple. They have been married almost 65 years and I adore them so much!

My 84 year old "Ain't" Jane still plops down on the floor cross-legged to look at pictures. My 91 year Uncle Bill is by far the preppiest fisherman around. Not was, IS. His next big trip is in November. They are so kind and so generous not only to their family, but to everyone. They eat breakfast at Hardee's just about every morning and I've had the privilege of going with them a few times.  It goes a little something like this...

One slice of pepperjack cheese is wrapped up in a napkin before leaving the house. Upon arrival, a chorus of "Miss Jane's here!" rings behind the counter. They all know her and love her. She has received all kinds of trinkets from various employees' vacations. She knows their family histories and life stories. It's a family trait. My mom has it and I suppose I do as well. The order is placed - a three minute ham biscuit with the insides scooped out for her and a ham biscuit plus the aforementioned pepperjack for him and two coffees.  Uncle Bill preps the coffee while Aunt Jane gets the food. By the time Uncle Bill is finished prepping his biscuit, Aunt Jane has finished eating and caught up on all the "news." What would be a 15 minute breakfast for most is an hour and a half ritual of fellowship for them. I wish I could go every day.

Love them so much!
While being trapped in a confined space for most families would prove to difficult, we did pretty dang good in a car together for three days.  Now it's home sweet home for the first time since January. Plenty of time for: blogging, exercising, lesson planning, reading, and pooling!


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