Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Tuesday Things - Spanish Version 1

1. Old buildings with no A/C are not my cup of tea.

2. Chia tea when sick, however, is delicious.
A study in proportions - huge bowl of sugar and a tiiiiny glass.
3. Meeting people from around the world is awesome.  Last week I exchanged email addresses with people from: South Africa, Czech Republic, Hungary, England, Holland, France, Spain, Colombia, Bolivia, and Mexico.

4. Old Spanish men still blatantly stare at any youngish girl. (For some reason I thought this might have changed since the last time.)

5. I miss cooking and eating lots of vegetables.

6. I personally think it's hard to take pictures of one's self. As evidenced by this picture. Scary!

But this woman has it all figured out. She brought her own arm-extender!?!
This is when I wish I knew how to put in those arrows and stuff.

7. In case you were wondering, The Help in Spanish is not called La ayuda or even Los Ayudantes, but rather

8. I apparently have decided that traveling allows me to eat whatever I want, whenever I want. Gelato and cookies for dinner!

9. Speaking of food, the whole menú del día thing really needs to catch on in the US.  Today for lunch (at 3:30pm) I had a an appetizer of some noodle dish, fish with potatos, bread, a glass of wine, and a coffee or 12€.  See what I mean about no vegetables?

10. Tomorrow I am going on this tour. I'm pretty excited about it! And no, I did not pay that price for this trip. Frugal Aaron exists in Spain, too.

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