Tuesday, July 10, 2012

Coming "home" to Barcelona.

I'm finally back to the civilized world! Leaving France and coming back to Spain felt like I was coming home.  I returned to a place where I know the language, where I knew how to get to my "house," and generally knew what the heck was happening!

Taizé was overall a good experience, but definitely not what I was anticipating.  If I ever return, I definitely know what I will and won't be doing. In the next few days, I will be posting some of the entries I wrote while there with pictures! I'll do my best to keep them in chronological order and as concise as possible.  If you have other questions or want to hear the full story, let me know!

Now, since I returned sick and I'm in bed at 8:00pm I will leave you with a little ¡yay! story and a few pictures before I type up those other posts.  The people I'm staying with must think I'm über lame.

Today I was on the bus to Parc Güell (whoa - two umlauts in one post) and this woman sat beside me.  I wasn't 100% sure of where I was going but from eavesdropping I found out lots of people were headed in the same direction. Seeing as I kept craning over her to look for the next stop, the woman asked where I was going. I told her and she informed me she worked there.  We began to chat a bit and eventually she asked where I was from because my Spanish was really good!!! Oh yeah, doing all of my Bible reflections in Spanish last week was worth it. (More on that later.) And for all of my readers from the Valdivia clan, she was Cuban :)

Now for fotos...

My view from the bus. So quaint.

The top of the church which has a very interesting interior. There were a few of these.

A little waterfall - part of the "silence" garden.

The view from Taizé. Umm I think I stepped into a painting or a set from Pride & Prejudice.

ACErs, I found Kubb!

And just in case you missed me.

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