Sunday, November 24, 2013

Elf for Health

The Lean Green Bean
I am so excited to be participating in Nutritionella's Elf for Health Challenge! Tonight I received my Elf assignment and I can't wait to start exchanging emails.

The premise of this challenge is so great.
1. It's going to give me little goals and tasks to accomplish everyday and the best part is they are all attainable.
2. I get to interact with like-minded people, name my Elf Buddies Melissa and ???, especially during this crazy, not so health-focused season. (Melissa, get ready for some emails with an excessive number of exclamation marks.) 
3. There are prizes!!!
4. I'm going to challenge my girls in Healthy Living Club to do some of the tasks with me.
5. It's helping me get back to blogging.

Clearly, you can see this is a win-win-win situation! 

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